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What We Do:

M. L. Winters is an industrial laundry that focuses on helping businesses achieve their green initiatives and crucial waste reduction goals, such as zero landfill and ISO14001 certification. M. L. Winters Co. recyclable absorbent program ReZorb, and our PPE landfill diversion and recycling programs, give our customers an affordable and responsible way to manage their facility.


M. L. Winters Co. has specialized in industrial cleaning since 1952 cleaning, repairing and reconditioning work gloves, recyclable absorbents and rags at a fraction of the replacement cost for over 600 manufacturers. Unlike other commercial laundries, we have a closed-loop dry cleaning system which allows us to recycle dirty absorbents. We have the proven capability to handle any size business. More than 50 years of experience in this specialized industry is reflected in our dependable, consistent quality cleaning and service, with a reputation for meeting the specific needs of our customers.