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Quilted Pads

The highest quality absorbent pad on the market. A universal absorbent that can be used exactly like current disposables, with 3X the absorbency.

– universal absorbent
– leaks, spills
– light + heavy oils + coolants
18′ X 18′
14′ X 21′
24′ X 36′
28′ X 42′


Made to the same specification as current disposable absorbent socks, but with more stopping power. This is the most durable absorbent sock currently available. Able to absorb all non RICA liquids.

– contains leaks + spills
– universal use
– used around machinery
3′ X 48′

Felt Pad

Used for preventative maintenance. Extremely durable but less absorbent than the quilted pad.

– used for preventative maintenance
– used around machinery
– extremely durable
– prevent migration of liquids into walkways
18′ X 18′
3′ X 5′
3′ X 10′

Drum Top Pads

Prevents free standing liquids on top of drums which keep your company OSHA compliant.

– prevents free standing liquids on drum tops
– keeps a cleaner work environment

Operator Oil Mats

This anti slip absorbent mat is the perfect solution for operators who
work in slippery environments.

– The rubber backing prevents your employees from slipping
– Absorbent side soaks up fluids.
3′ X 5′
4′ X 6′
3′ X 10′