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What’s included ReZorb Program?

  1. Installation and Training: Our process begins with a facility assessment so that we can develop a program that meets your company’s objectives. We will provide the following for new customers:

  • Product installation and set up.
  • Labeled containers for clean and soiled absorbents.
  • Product training for employees and for product use and application.
  • Safety training for proper absorbent handling.
  1. Pick up and Delivery: We will pick up soiled and deliver clean absorbents on an even exchange on a regular schedule. Clean absorbents will be placed in designated containers located where they are most used.


  3. Laundering process: All soiled absorbents are cleaned in a closed loop dry-cleaning system. This allows for the recovered oils and solvents that are blended for beneficial reuse. Our production management team is highly trained and has a combined 90 years of experience.


  5. Inventory Management: We manage your inventory so you don’t have to. We will review your usage with your service team and recommend inventory changes (up or down) to meet changing requirements or seasonal demand.


  7. Reporting: We record your program through each scheduled service, tracking your usage, waste reduction, and waste diverted from landfill. We supply you with reports annually or upon request.


  9. Rapid response center: If there is an emergency there is always someone on our team that is available the same day for most customers or 48 hours for those located outside southern California. For any questions or special requests you can speak to a live person that will take care of what you need, when you need it.